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Cadet Administration

In addition to simulator-based training, SAMTRA also provides Cadet training administration services to a number of companies in the maritime industry who require assistance in the management of cadet and rating training programs.

This service will be attractive to companies who have no presence/ representation in the country that wish to employ South African cadets.

These administrative services include the following, although the extent of these services is determined by the specific client:

  • Career marketing, recruitment & short-listing of cadets and where required, selection to company instructions
  • Pre-sea induction programmes and statutory compliance regimes including safety training, ENG1 Medicals, etc
  • Documentation including record books, travel documents, training records etc
  • Accreditation of Accelerated Cadet training programme with the South African Maritime Safety Authority and related regulations compliance
  • Logistics – planning of vessel appointments (where requested), arrangements to join/leave vessels, sea time planning, etc.
  • Financial administration – budget compilation and expenditure control, payments to sub contracted service providers, training expenditure reconciliations and monthly reports to clients.
  • Performance Management
  • Preparation of cadets for qualification on completion of required training.

The client has no need to be involved in the day-to-day administration of cadets such as daily allowances, accommodation and transport of cadets or arranging of disciplinary actions or labour relations. The client is able to monitor the performance of any of the cadets via our office as the administration program monitors the progress of individual cadets.

SAMTRA offers high quality simulation training to sea going staff, which is provided in addition to the theoretical aspects of tertiary training to ensure that cadets receive the best possible training.  The administration service of each cadet ceases on an individual basis when the cadet has graduated with the certificate of competency.

Cadet Training Administration Service

The provision of Training Management services for companies employing South African Cadets that are not represented in South Africa or who do not have in house resources to manage Cadet training.

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