Joint Venture Partners

PYT SAMTRA PYT – Professional Yachtmaster Training
PYT is a world-class maritime academy for both professional and leisure seafarers in the yachting industry. PYT offers courses approved by South African Sailing, South African Maritime Safety Authority, International Yacht Training Worldwide and the MCA.
seatrain Seatrain
Seatrain manages, on behalf of the client, specific training of officers and ratings from the initial planning programme through to the culmination of successfully trained and certificated personnel. The personal needs of the students are monitored closely at all times.


Business/Industry Associates

  SAMSA – The South African Maritime Safety Authority
SAMSA initiated the country’s National Cadet Training Project including the establishment of a dedicated training vessel SA Agulhas. SAMTRA are contracted to manage the Cadet Training Project and to develop and implement an onboard training programme through its Training Officers appointed to serve in SA Agulhas.
  Stavanger Offshore Tekniske Skole Course Centre (SOTSCC)
SOTSCC specialises in providing Education & Training to the Offshore Oil & Gas sector internationally.SOTSCC and SAMTRA have concluded a Joint Venture agreement to jointly offer a number of courses at SAMTRA to the Oil & Gas sector in the Sub Saharan region.
  Voith Turbo (Pty) Ltd
Voith contributes to the solution of global tasks, meeting future challenges and setting the standard in their markets energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.For the maritime industry Voith supplies propulsion systems for vessels, specifically designed and equipped for all marine tasks. Integrated Shiphandling have been appointed sole agents for their Marine business in sub sahara.
Voith Turbo sponsored the installation of a Force Technology simulation module for a Voith Water Tractor to enable SAMTRA to provide training to Port authorities and Terminal Operators in the region. SAMTRA is the only
Training Provider accredited by Voith to offer Voith Water Tractor Simulation courses.
  The Achievement Network
A management consultancy that, through creative collaboration with SAMTRA, offers team development aimed at the corporate sector that utilizes SAMTRA’s Ship Simulators. The concept is based on the principle that non-mariners are taken out of their various comfort zones to deal with challenges experienced in simulated scenarios as a team.
 Leadingship Institute logo The International Leadingship Institute
The International Leadingship Institute through Dr Luthando Prinsloo’s work, has been offering adventure simulation experiences for close on ten years. Our outcomes include executive and teaming development, stress testing, intra- and interpersonal skills, effective communication, strategic and out-of-the-box thinking, situational awareness and emotional intelligence. We facilitate leadingship as the 21st century ethical influencing modality beyond leadership and far beyond management. Leadingship’s thriving delivery benefits individuals, teams and organisations – unlocking synergy. Our value-add includes video based feedback and experienced counselling, coaching and mentoring support. We scope engagements to client requirements and are passionate to go to market through partnerships.