• The oil industry has its own language. In this course you will learn the basic terminology of the industry, learn to understand its processes and key applications.
Target groups
  • All onshore/offshore personnel.
  • Anyone wishing to improve communication competences: sales, secretarial, administration or management personnel.
  • None
Course length
  • 8 hours (1 day)
Main elements of training program
  • Oil and gas professionals require the technical and business language skills to ensure effective communication in their working lives, reducing risk and improving safety.
  • The content of this course includes: industry specific vocabulary, terminology, and language structures in contextual, realistic environments such as offshore oil platforms and oil tankers.
  • The content is relevant for office personnel.
  • SAMTRA, Simons Town
Learning materials
  • Coursepack, online tools
Relevant career prospects
  • Anyone wishing to enter the O&G industry.
  • Onshore/offshore personnel, including sales, secretarial, administration & management personnel.
Contact information Mail booking: sa@sots.no (Norway), admin@samtra.co.za (South Africa)
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