• To understand the differences between directional drilling and vertical drilling.
  • To know how to intervene and control the well.
  • To identify the different phases of planning a well.
  • To understand new drilling techniques and how to manage pressure drilling.
Target groups
  • Skilled workers with some experience in the field (offshore).
  • Management or Supervisor position.
  • Previous experience in the field.
  • Applications subject to appraisal.
Course length
  • 16 hours (2 days)
Main elements of training program
  • Drilling

– Rig selection and equipment: Drilling string design: Drill pipes, Drill collar, Stabilizer, Jar, accelerator, Rock bit, PDC bit, diamond bit. Directional Drilling: BHA for directional drilling and autotrack.

–  Surface equipment

–  Drilling string components

–  Drilling problems

–  Casing

–  Drilling fluids

–  Drilling techniques

  • Well Control: modules 1-5
  • Well Planning: modules 1-4
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Drill String Calculations
  • SAMTRA, Simons Town
Learning materials
  • Coursepack, online tools
Relevant career prospects
  • Anyone wishing to enter the O&G industry.
  • Onshore/offshore personnel, including sales, secretarial, administration & management personnel.
Contact information For booking, email: sa@sots.no (Norway) or admin@samtra.co.za (South Africa)

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SAMTRA South African Maritime Training Academy