• At the end of this level, participants will have acquired the theoretical knowledge and competence for the level of Derrickman for the Drilling Department on an Oil Rig.
Target groups
  • All onshore/offshore personnel with basic experience in drilling.
  • Anyone wishing to advance professionally within the field.
  • Applications are subject to screening.
Course length
  • 6 months
Main elements of training program The program is divided into 4 main subject areas:

  • Exploration, Drilling & Completion (Topics: Petroleum Geology, Logging, drilling equipment, drill string components, casing, drilling fluids, mud rheology, cementing, completion, etc.)
  • Production & Well Service (Topics: Process equipment, well construction, production and injecting wells 1-6, subsea completion, etc.)
  • Health, Safety & Environment (Topics: Hazard recognition, Work Permits, lifting operations, safe job analysis, management, reporting, etc.)
  • Drilling Specialization (Topics: Rig equipment, drilling string design, directional drilling, well control 1-5, well planning 1-5, drilling fluids, drilling techniques, etc.)
  • Fully internet based
Learning materials
  • Access to a learning management system (Its-learning)
  • Online didactic material (El-petroleum)
  • Streamed lectures jointly with presentations.
  • Instructor availability via email, skype and phone.
Relevant career prospects
  • To advance professionally within offshore Drilling Department or as a means to enter the industry.
  • To obtain theoretical qualification as Derrickman.
Contact information For booking, email: sa@sots.no (Norway) or admin@samtra.co.za (South Africa)
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