Onboard Accelerated Training Programmes, Development & Management of NCP Training Vessels

In 2011 The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) commissioned the ”National Cadet Training Project” whereby they sponsor training of Cadets in order to qualify as STCW compliant Deck or Engineer Officer of the Watch.

SAMTRA developed the training programme and was appointed key project managers in charge of management and administration of the training project.

The program progressed well and gained support of various shipping companies as “participating companies”, affording cadets the opportunity to obtain the necessary sea time and practical experience to qualify, by allocating a number of berths to the project.

As an extension of the National Cadet Training program, SAMSA acquired “SA Agulhas I”, which previously served under the Department of Environmental Affairs as a polar exploration vessel, and converted and recommissioned her in 2012 to serve as a trading training vessel approved by the flag state to conduct onboard accelerated cadet training.

The Dedicated Training Vessel has since been removed from the project, but training continues onboard identified Training Vessels owned by participating companies to continue the same level of mentorship and practical experience as intended through the “onboard training programme”.

All Cadets complete a flag state approved accelerated training programme and follow the ISF Cadet Training Record Book and are mentored and monitored continuously by a dedicated team of Training Officers; all ex seagoing Officers.



South Africa has a long and proud history of providing world class Officers most of which are currently serving in the world’s shipping fleet.