Trainee Management

SAMTRA specialises in the management of on board accelerated training programs for Deck, Engine and Electro-Technical Officers as well as the management of on board accelerated training programs for ratings.

In a world where there is a huge need for quality on board training but at the same time recognising the expense to a company that training brings, SAMTRA is able to offer a solution through the quality management of on board accelerated training programs. This allows, by way of example, the mandatory 36-month sea service requirement for OoW to be reduced to as little as 12 months, subject to meeting all the other requirements for the certification. In turn, this translates into more efficient personnel development, both in terms of cost and time spent. There are however a number of stringent requirements that must be met in order to allow sea time reductions and that is where SAMTRA comes in, to ensure the reliable fulfilment of the requirements and to ensure that accelerated training is faster training – not less training! 

At SAMTRA we have a number of resources at our disposal which enable us to run high quality accelerated training programs. Fundamentally these are:

  • Dedicated and knowledgeable staff ensuring a high quality approach and deep engagement with the student.
  • In-house training and assessment capability ensuring quality training and providing numerous opportunities for mentoring and performance monitoring.
  • High-end screening and selection ensuring the recruitment of candidates are suited to accelerated training.
  • Sound appreciation of applicable legislation as well as partner company requirements ensuring that all desired outcomes are met and candidates can join the fleet efficiently once qualified.
  • Comprehensive funding options are available to ensure that capital is no hindrance.

Primarily, SAMTRAs on-board cadet training footprint is one which champions the placement of South African Cadets in the international merchant fleet. We believe that the systems that are in place in South Africa for the training and development of Seafarers are among the best in the world and the personnel on offer, having come through our programs are sound, high-end seafarers that add value to any team in which that may be employed. Our personnel possess a number of traits that make them undeniably attractive, which are:

  • Very good English proficiency.
  • Physically fit and capable.
  • Well trained and well prepared for life at sea.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, always having the best interest of the company at heart.
  • Obedient, respectful and good team players.
  • Excellent track record.

Also, we have options available whereby companies can participate in fully funded cadet training programs and have the option to employ graduates.

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